What are the rules for a Georgia divorce? What is fair?

Our clients ask us lots of questions but essentially, all of those questions, boil down to these two:

What are the rules for divorce?

The rules in Georgia for divorce and separation are flexible so the needs of a family can be met.

What is fair?

Almost any arrangement that you and your spouse agree is fair will be accepted by a judge.

If you and your spouse can imagine a “good divorce” then you can co-create that divorce.  Cooperation and trust during the divorce process might sound difficult to maintain. But when both parties understand the rules for divorce and understand their economic reality they can make an agreement that is in line with their goals for their family and their futures.  When spouses keep the lines of communication open they can  design a “good divorce” which will be fair for them and their children.

Our goal is to provide you with the best first step toward a peaceable, fair and amicable divorce.  We offer two options which can set you on this path.

Online Divorce or Separation

Private, online platform with instructions and downloadable forms.
$ 195 $195 first month / $95 per month after
  • The comprehensive, private Modern Divorce Online (MDO) site is accessible by one spouse or both spouses.
  • MDO gives a practical overview of the rules for divorce and separation in Georgia and includes practical tips for any situation.
  • MDO is Georgia-specific - use the MDO tools and discuss your results with an attorney or mediator in your community and be a better, more informed consumer of professional divorce services.
  • MDO costs less than one hour of legal fees.
  • Using the MDO tools will prepare you for the issues and financial decisions that come with any divorce - one decided by a judge or not.
  • The MDO Divorce Settlement Tool automatically generates budgeting information and a Marital Balance Sheet based on the information you provide.
  • The MDO Divorce Settlement Tool can be repeatedly adjusted so spouses can negotiate a fair settlement.
  • The MDO Alimony estimator can help set expectations and provide a starting point for discussion.
  • The MDO Basic Parenting Plan can be used as a template for discussions and the MDO Common Compromises can help couples think creatively about co-parenting plans.
  • Because the MDO tools are customized, downloadable spreadsheets and documents, all information you input remains solely on your computer. No personal or financial information is transferred to or accessible by anyone else.
  • The more information you put into the MDO Divorce Settlement Tool the better prepared you will be to take the next step – whether you hire a lawyer or a mediator or complete the process on your own.

Divorce or Separation
Planning with a Lawyer

Consultation with a lawyer to develop a plan specific to your situation.
$ 395 90 minute consultation
  • Video conferencing or in-person consultations are available.
  • One-on-one conversation with a lawyer who can provide you with legal advice specific to your situation.
  • Immediate answers to your questions and advice about specific next steps.
  • Detailed discussion about your finances and children, including possible outcomes and strategies for addressing existing or potential conflicts.
  • Lawyer-client relationship is established and all conversations are confidential.
  • You will not be asked to pay a retainer or pressured to file for divorce.

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