We understand that making an appointment with a divorce lawyer and sitting down to discuss the possibility of divorce is daunting. So we offer a stand-alone, comprehensive, 90 minute initial legal consultation. Our discussions can be specific or wide-ranging – it is up to you. We will not pressure you to pay us a retainer or commit to a course of action before you are ready.

What we will do is listen to your concerns, answer your “What if?” questions, and help you create a blueprint for your divorce. Your Divorce Blueprint will be tailored to your situation. It will explain the issues relevant to your situation, walk you through the information and documentation you will need to gather, and explain the different methods for getting a divorce in Georgia.


If you are contemplating a divorce or believe that your spouse might be, then it’s a good idea to find out what your life might look like following a divorce.

Knowledge is power, and divorce litigation can make you feel powerless and overwhelmed. Divorce planning helps you understand the divorce process before it begins and understand what outcomes are reasonable to expect in your situation.


Depending on how much information you provide to us, we can help you understand the divorce process, analyze your current and possible future financial position, discuss child custody and parenting time issues (including standard visitation schedules), calculate child support amounts, and discuss possible alimony payments. 

We can examine all of the options available to you for divorce including mediation, negotiated divorce, arbitration, and litigation. Each option will have pros and cons depending on your situation.


There are many prudent steps you can take before starting a divorce. These include gathering all relevant documentation about your family’s assets, making sure you know what debts you and your spouse owe jointly or individually, and making a realistic budget of your family’s shared monthly expenses.

You might also want to keep personal notes about any other events or conversations that you believe might be important once divorce proceedings begin. Based on your specific situation, we can discuss other steps you might want to take to safeguard your finances and privacy before a divorce.

More than anything else, we suggest you “keep your own counsel” to the extent possible; the less you discuss your plans with other people, the more time and space you will have to contemplate your decision and plan your future.

For more information, please visit our Divorce Blueprint FAQ page.